Meet the International Eduk8 Team 2017/2018

Inês Moreira | Project Coordinator
My journey in Eduk8 started in August of 2013 when I attended my first training for trainers in Cluj and since then non-formal education has been a very big part of my life. Even though I’ve been through many positions within ESN, I always kept the passion for training, and the trainer skills I have gained through Eduk8 touch my daily life constantly.



If I look into the future of Eduk8, I see a training programme that is mostly sustainable within its resources and its own pools, having challenges and opportunities available for each of the developmental levels of the lifecycle and also bigger financial sustainability. I see that other learning-oriented ESN events have taken on some of the good practices of Eduk8 events and rely on our pools not only for facilitation of sessions and workshops but also for advice on how to structure better learning events. I see an ESN that believes non-formal education is one of its greatest assets and the members of the Eduk8 community as their ambassadors. With the help of this fantastic Eduk8 team 2017, this is the vision I will put my efforts into making a reality.


To the Eduk8 community and all the network: I'm absolutely excited to work alongside you. Hold onto your hats, it's gonna be yet another amazing, shiny and gif-full year for Eduk8, I believe!


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Julia Rausch | Events Manager
My love for sarcasm and multitasking always keeps me motivated to achieve my goals in my private and professional life while not getting bored. Since I was little, I enjoyed to travel the world and get to know people from different backgrounds. Where can you combine these two interests better than in ESN?

During my two years in ESN, I quickly got the opportunity to become my sections president in Vienna and attend my first Eduk8 event in June 2015.
While being the Head of OC of the ESN Autumn Training 2016, I gained lots of experience for being part of the Eduk8 team. With this experience it is my pleasure to work together as the Eduk8 Events Manager with future OC’s to organize great Eduk8 events all over our ESN-world.

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Sini Juutilainen | Communication Officer
Hello Network! I’m Sini, originally from Finland but ESN’ing in Sweden, where I have enjoyed the company of my local section board for two years now. Being already happily in love with ESN life, the game changing moment for me was becoming the Head of PR for Eduk8 Spring Training Malmö. I was immediately taken for a ride - three months after the training ended, I had joined the project team, and am now excited as ever to continue working with the project that has already taught me so much, that keeps me curious and inspired. Looking forward to all the new people to meet, new trainings to happen, and the new heights the project can go to :)  


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Marjut Jalkanen | Community Manager
I have been around in ESN for quite a while, including many years on the local level and one unforgettable year on the National Board of ESN Finland. I joined the Eduk8 community after the Starter Timisoara in 2016 and I have enjoyed being part of this inspiring group of ESNers. Starter Timisoara, and what I have learned there and afterwards, has had a tremendous effect on my personal development and even on my worldview.  As a Community Manager, I want to help all the members of the community to find ways to grow and improve themselves.

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Tijana Stojanović | International Board Responsible


Eliza Popper | Learning and Development Consultant
My passion for education started over a decade ago. I believe that education is key for a better future. Non-formal education is my way of having an impact on our world - by empowering individuals to fulfil their potentials. Non-formal education is my passion, my life. As a freelance trainer, facilitator and consultant, I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to work with different organisations, institutions and companies in and out of Europe over the past 6 years.

If you asked me what I’m most proud of in my entire life, my response - without hesitation - would be: Eduk8. I’ve been involved with Eduk8 since the very first training in 2011. Since then me and  the project grew together - Eduk8 has been my playground to experiment, to develop. I’ve learned so much through my involvement with the eduk8 - as trainer, consultant, mentor, team member… and human being. I’ve earned the trust of 6 different IBs and different project teams and worked as an external consultant and trainer, shaping the project from scratch to where it is today. From just one activity we grew to an annual of 5 events. We trained hundreds of ESNers across our continent and we keep on growing. Seeing the development from 2011 to today, we’ve had a huge impact on not only the lives of individuals, but the whole of ESN.

I’m so excited to continue working with the new Eduk8 team, so full of inspiring, talented and creative individuals who together will ensure that the growth and impact of the project continues. Eduk8 has never been in more capable hands. Can’t wait to see where the path will lead us - there are endless possibilities.