ESN Senior Trainers are ESN volunteers or alumni that attended and successfully completed an Eduk8 Starter, an Eduk8 Forward, delivered a seasonal training, and received an endorsement from the external trainers/mentors to join the pool of ESN Senior Trainers. They are able to deliver trainings longer than two days, inside and outside of ESN.

To see the detailed competences of ESN Senior Trainers, please check the Eduk8 Trainers competence checklist through this link.

ESN Austria

ESN Czech Republic

ESN Denmark

ESN Finland


Lukas Oppermann

Ivan Kobelev

Piero Gentilini

Kalle Lepola


ESN Germany

ESN  Hungary

ESN Portugal

ESN Spain

ESN Sweden

Frederik Lachmann

Judit Lantai

Inês Moreira
Inês Cunha
Leiro Cunha

Luis Miguel Real

Safi Sabuni