ESN Junior Trainers are ESN volunteers or alumni that attended and successfully completed an Eduk8 Starter, an Eduk8 Forward, and received an endorsement from the external trainers/mentors to join the pool of Facilitators. They are able to deliver a quality 6-hour workshop on the international level of ESN.

To see the detailed competences of ESN Junior Trainers, please check the Eduk8 Facilitators competence checklist through this link.

ESN Austria

ESN Denmark

ESN Finland

ESN France

Silke Doppler

Carlos Guillemot
Triinu Lauk

Marjut Jalkanen
Pablo Guillerna Franco 
Mikko Hyvärinen

Aurélie André
Dominique Montagnese
Mickaël Golinski

ESN Germany

ESN Hungary

ESN Luxembourg

ESN Poland

Florian Heinrichs
Linda Bücking

Roland Bálint

Amber Rousse

Kaja Janiszewska
Kasia Gerlée
Katarzyna Udala

ESN Portugal

ESN Serbia

ESN the Netherlands


Inês Sá

Nives Tomas

Gaffar Rampage