For the next Spring Training, we will be headed to the village of Erazmów in central Poland, where the sections of 
ESN-EYE LodzESN UJ KrakowESN Politechnika Wroclawska and Erasmus Student Network AGH Cracow will unite their forces in welcoming us!

The hosting venue of Stary Folwark is nothing short of extraordinary - read below a brief history of this rural mansion, that we are excited to have as our future training venue:

"Stary Folwark" (eng. "The Old Manor") dates back to the late 19th century, the golden age of the city of Łódź as a capital of the textile industry. The manor was established in the year 1888 by the house of Shleier, German factory owners. It was meant to serve as a peaceful and quiet summer mansion, giving its owners a break from the noise and tension of their hard-working factories and the city itself. 
Even though "Stary Folwark" was only one of many similar mansions to be built in the region, it is one of the only few to live to see nowadays in a good shape. Although it outlived the
by over a century, it carries on to fill its duty with its vine-covered brick walls and fireplace-floodlit cosy halls.

We are excited about the possibilities and atmosphere provided by this secluded training venue and its gorgeous surroundings, and are eagerly looking forward to opening the registrations for the future participants!



What is the ESN Spring Training?

The Spring training is one of the two seasonal trainings organised by Eduk8, with thematic tracks (eg. Communication, Leadership, etc). The event will last 3 days and its main aim is to develop ESN members certain fields and introduce them to non-formal education. Each track has approximately 20 participants and is conducted by 2 members of the Eduk8 pools, who develop the training supported by external mentors.
The training will take place from the 10th to the 14th of May 2017 (arrivals on the 10th and departures on the 14th).
The event will be hosted in the village of Erazmów, Poland, 25 km East of the regional capital Łódź.
Participation fee is 110€ and it includes 4 nights at the hotel (Wed - Sun), breakfasts, warm meals, transportation for the 4 days of the event and free entrance to all the night activities.

The topics chosen for the ESN Spring Training are in line with the objectives of the ESAA professional development grant being implemented by Eduk8 in this event, which focuses on "Enhancing the employment and career opportunities of Erasmus+ students and alumni". We have launched a poll on the ESN International group to check which topics would be of interest to ESNers and the selected ones were:

  1. Project management
  2. Team management

For any question you may have concerning the Spring Training Erazmów, you can contact: 
The Vice President at [email protected] 
The Eduk8 project team at [email protected]
The Organising Committee at [email protected]