Autumn is just around the corner and it brings an amazing and highly anticipated training possibility - the ESN Autumn Training Maribor!


What is the ESN Autumn Training?

The Autumn training is one of the two seasonal trainings organised by Eduk8, with thematic tracks (eg. Communication, Leadership, etc). The event will last 4 days and its main aim is to develop ESN members certain fields and present them the power of non-formal education. Each track has approximately 16 participants and is conducted by 2 members of the Eduk8 pools, who develop the training content supported by mentors.

The Autumn Training will take place from the 7th to the 12th of November 2017
The event will be hosted by Erasmus Student Network Maribor in the beautiful city of Maribor, Slovenia!
Participation fee is €110 and it includes 5 nights at the hostel (Tue - Sun), breakfasts, warm meals, transportation for the 5 days of the event and free entrance to all the night activities.
The topics chosen for the ESN Autumn Training are in line with the theme of the CoE Workplan currently being implemented by Eduk8, which has the overarching topics of social inclusion and inclusiveness in education. They are:
  1. Disability
  2. Gender
  3. Migration
How to apply?
The registration procedure will be as follow:


From the 21st of August to the 10th of September 2017 clicking HERE.




After the registration period has closed, the Eduk8 team will assess all the applications and approve all the selected participants on ERS. Every participant receives a confirmation e-mail once they are approved with instructions about the next steps. In case of non-selection, the applicant will also receive an email informing the result of his application.


Please proceed with the payment as soon as you get the approval (not before!) and latest by 25th of September. All the bank details for the transfer will be provided on the invoice (see below).
Any spot that isn't paid by this date will be automatically cancelled by the OC.


Once you're officially approved, a new button will appear for you on the event homepage saying "generate invoice". It's as simple as that!

Invitation Letter

Can be provided by selecting the respective checkbox on the initial page when registering.



For any question you may have concerning the Autumn Training Maribor, you can contact

The Eduk8 project team at [email protected]
or the Organising Committee at [email protected]

We look forward to your applications!