The winter is slowly coming and the time has come to organise Eduk8 Starter! The Eduk8 Team is looking for an Organising Committee to host the event.  If you would like to know more about the event itself - click here.

Back in June, we announced the approval of a European Youth Foundation grant that would provide financial support to four Eduk8 events in 2016; This is the first one that will benefit from such support. Below you can find a lot of detail for potential Organising Committees to be aware of and the application form is enclosed as well.




The deadline for submitting your application is 23:59 CET 21st of September 2015.


The application form and the budget template can be found in attachment and must be returned by the deadline to [email protected] and [email protected].


As the ESN Eduk8 Trainings are different from other ESN events, please be really careful about the following requirements.




Timing:  13th to 21st of February OR 20th to 28th of February 2016

Duration of training: 9 days from Saturday (arrival of participants) - Sunday (departure of participants)

People attending:  40 Participants + 4 Trainers (2 external and 2 internal)  + 1 International Board member + 3 Team Member = 48 TOTAL


Note: Eduk8 Team and IB member responsible will arrive and leave with trainers.


The estimate budget listing typical costs is as follows:

Accommodation and meals = €22 per day x 7 days x 48 people = €7,392
Local transportation = €2 per day x 7 days x 48 people = €672
Venue rental = €3 per day x 7 days x 48 people = €1008
Workshop material = €400

This basic budget amounts to €9,472.

These costs above are based on past Eduk8 events. Normally OCs could keep costs under this, but we the higher price was kept to give OCs more room to breathe. Keep in mind, the above categories are not restricted, so if you don't need money for local transportation or venue rental, it can be allocated elsewhere.The maximum you would look to receive from the grant is €4,298. If your budget does not exceed €9,472, you would need to co-finance the event with €5,174, which works out to a €130 participation fee (only 40 people will be paying the participation fee). If your total budget is higher than €9,472, this is where you would look to get external sponsors, support from your National Board, etc. If your external sponsorships reduce your expenses below €9,472, it means lower participation fees for everyone, yay!







●      40 Participants: 8 nights (Saturday to Sunday)

●      4 Trainers: 11 nights (Thursday to Monday)

●      3 Eduk8 Team members: 11 nights

●      1 IB member: 11 nights


Mandatory requirements:

-        One extra room where trainers can work in the evening (not their bedroom but possibly in the accommodation venue)

-        Preferably close by the training venue or including training venues

-        Preferably not in the city center

-        Good internet connection

-        Quiet environment


Note: Accommodation and the training venue strongly preferable to be at the same place or within 5 minutes of walking distance (e.g. University Campus).




●      Participants  (depending of departure time): 8 breakfasts, 7-8 lunches, 7-8 dinners

●      Trainers (depending of departure time): 11 breakfasts, 11-12 lunches, 11-12 dinners

●      Coffee breaks:

-        from Sunday to Saturday (7x2 = 14 coffee breaks in total - morning and afternoon)

-        for trainers during extra-days of preparation and final days.





●      2  training rooms for 20 participants + 2 trainers each

●      1 big room for the whole group (around 50 people)

●      1 storage room for trainers


Mandatory requirements for the 2 training rooms:

-        22 movable chairs and 4-6 tables each room

-        Enough space to move and sit in a circle for 22 people

-        Good Internet connection via wifi or 3G device (for Trainers and International Team)

-        Walls on which flip-charts can be put and sticked

-        Proper light

-        Quiet environment (possibly not in the city center)


Note: Make sure to provide pictures of the rooms in your application form.





The final list will be provided by the Eduk8 Events Coordinator

 2-3 weeks before the event.


Note: A printer should be provided in order to print materials and also a beamer.

Social programme


The Social Programme does not need to be planned for the application and will be planned after selection with the Eduk8 Events Coordinator. As an example, you will be requested to organise: movie night, chill night, board games, karaoke, outdoor activities, sports tournament, etc. No Eurodinner and no parties will be allowed.





The OC should include in their budget participation fee of the internal trainers + external trainers (mentors) + Eduk8 Team:

●      40 participants, 2 internal trainers, 2 external mentors, 3 Eduk8 Team members


The budget should also include Training Material prices:

●      around 300 flipcharts

●      32 Flipchart markers (different colors)

●      5 rolls of paper tape (to stick flipcharts on the wall)

●      around 30 packs of 100 post-its (big size)


IMPORTANT: This event will have the support of a grant from the Council of Europe. If your total budget does not exceed €9,000, including a participation fee of around €130, the grant will cover the remaining costs. Please also ensure you will be able to use the bank account of a legal entity.

For any further questions regarding this, you can contact the Eduk8 team ([email protected]), the Treasurer ([email protected]) or the Vice-President ([email protected]).


Communication channels


The Facebook group will be created by the Eduk8 Events Coordinator as a communication channel between the OC, trainers and participants. We strongly recommend the creation of an email address where the OC can be reached easily.

The Promotion and Communication aspect needs to be discussed with the Eduk8 PR Manager after selection.






The Events Coordinator is proposing support during the pre-application phase providing vital comments and suggestions for improvement of your application and budget. Please, use this opportunity to contact the Events Coordinator, Inês Cunha, at [email protected].




Attached you can find the Application Form with the budget template. Check as well the example of the CNR Havana application and CNR Havana budget to see what a good application looks like. Keep in mind that the official deadline to submit an application: 23:59 CET 21st of September 2015.

Once the applications are received, the Eduk8 Team together with the trainers will suggest the best application to the IB who is charge of appointing the OC. The final selection will be announced by the 15th of September 2015.


In case you would like to receive more information about Eduk8 don't hesitate to contact project coordinator Tomas Tamulevičius at [email protected]

ESN Eduk8 Starter is supported by