We are happy to launch an Open Call for the Organising Committee of Eduk8 Summer Training events - Eduk8 Starter and Eduk8 Forward (previously known as Eduk8 T4T). The whole event is planned for August 2015.

Two events in one 

The particularity of the summer Eduk8 Starter and Eduk8 Forward, is that the events will be divided into two different parts in order to deliver a high quality event.

Distribution of Participants

Eduk8 Starter

Eduk8 Forward

Trainer Coordinator
Trainers (Internal/External)
Eduk8 Team

Participants will be separated according to their level, which means that the training venues and the accommodation of Eduk8 Forward participants and Eduk8 Starter participants will be different ones as well as the Social Program. Bear that point in mind for the whole application. Please note, as mentioned before that the Eduk8 Forward will start slightly before the Eduk8 Starter; Trainers and Eduk8 Team arrivals and departures are synchronized regardless of the track. The OC should provide the accomodation, food and coffee breaks, training venues, training and office materials. 

Due to the duality of the event, it becomes more complex and challenging to organise it , we strongly encourage cooperation between the sections in one city. In case there is only one section we recommend to create two different Organising Committees.  Therefore, this Open Call is designed for one or more sections.

You can find a more detailed Open Call on the Mailing List. The application form and the budget template must be returned  to [email protected] and [email protected] by the deadline of 23:59 CET 20th of April 2015. Please note that the Eduk8 events are different from other ESN events that you might be used to and that the Eduk8 Starter and Forward has new requirements. Once the applications are received, the Eduk8 Team together with the trainers will suggest the best application to the IB who is charge to appoint the OC.

In case you would like to receive more information about Eduk8 and its events, do not hesitate to contact the project coordinator - Safi Sabuni at [email protected]