Application period for Starter Madeira has ended - we thank everyone for the interest!

The next edition of Eduk8 Starter - the first step in the Eduk8 Lifecycle - will be headed to the gorgeous archipelago of Madeira, Portugal, and will take place from 24th of February to 5th of March
Together with the help of the brave OC from Erasmus Student Network Madeira, this training will provide its participants with serene and peaceful surroundings to enhance their training experience. 

We are excited to see the surroundings provided to the training by the OC, and the inspirational workshops to be held by our trainers!


What is Eduk8 Starter? 

The Eduk8 Starter is aimed at ESNers who wish to acquire facilitation skills and enter the path to becoming ESN trainers. The main goal is to teach how to plan, design, implement and evaluate short educational workshops on the local and national levels of ESN. During the Starter participants will learn how to facilitate knowledge exchange through non-formal education methods. They also develop verbal facilitation, public speaking skills, learn how to give and receive feedback and will have practical experience in delivering workshops. It includes 8 full days of training, with the 24th of February and the 5th of March being the designated travelling days. Please keep in mind that it is crucial to be present for the full 8 days of training.

If participants of Eduk8 Starter receive the endorsement from an external trainer, they join the pool of Eduk8ers.

The participant selection will be made after all applications are received and is heavily based on your experience, internal motivation, and aspirations for receiving this training, as outlined in the second step of the application. Every participant receives a confirmation e-mail once they are approved.

Given that the location of the training is quite inaccessible from some places and flights will become gradually more expensive, we advise you to buy your flights as soon as you are approved to the event.


Payment and Invoice

Once you're officially approved, a new button will appear for you on the event homepage saying "generate invoice". It's as simple as that!

Please proceed with the payment as soon as you get the approval (not before!) and latest by the 14th of November,

All the bank details for the transfer will be provided on the invoice (see below).

Any spot that isn't paid by this date will be automatically cancelled by the OC


Invitation Letter

Can be provided by selecting the respective checkbox on the initial page when registering.


For any question you may have concerning Eduk8 Starter Madeira, you can contact: 
The Vice President at [email protected] 
The Eduk8 project team at [email protected] 
The Organising Committee at [email protected]om
We are looking forward to receiving your application to this amazing event very soon!

Photo by Donar Reiskoffer - Own work, GFDL, source