1. Alberto Spatola - Social Inclusion Leaders’ Meeting
Valencia, Spain, from October 18th to October 21st

I spent challenging and stunning days in Valencia as Eduk8er supporting the International Social Inclusion Team in delivering several workshops or helping the team to shape the activities. So, the full success of the SILM is due to Anna, Elena, Jeroen, Josipa and  Wim, and I was there learning day by day. The sessions for which I contributed the most the first day are the two “Meet each other” among the National Coordinators, and National and Local Coordinators the following day, still in the first day we prepared the Erasmus in School activities in a Primary School in Valencia.

The second day was the occasion to define at best what Social Inclusion is and which are the causes of exclusion: quite an intense day for which were necessary some debriefing sessions and buddy families (aka reflection groups) with the proper amount of “tinto de verano” and Spanish aperitif, in short, a lot of Eduk8 vibes.

On Saturday we implemented a Human Library with important books, i.e. guests, outside the ESN bubble, and then, once we were inspired enough, we let the participants think and cope the Inclusion Days challenge by challenge.

In the last day, most of the sessions were in parallel, and the one for which I contributed the most was “Quality vs quantity in ESN events” implementing a touching role play with the purpose to feel the importance of properly prepare an develop a Social Inclusion event and then evaluate it. But the moment in which the Eduk8 vibes were stronger was at the end of the last day in which me together with a small group interested about our community design the final Closing and Feedback session: a Starter in a nutshell.

In the end, this event for me was truly inspiring and boosted, even more, my commitment towards ESN and the Eduk8 community, and I am proud I was part of it, and I think I managed to bring some of our magic in Valencia, and then across Europe and network. I hope you can feel it too.

2. Florian Heinrich - Mov'in Europe Coordinators Meeting
Zagreb, 27 - 30 September 2018

Aim of the event: Educate Mov'in Europe Coordinators, strengthening the community feeling, best practice sharing

Topic(s) of workshop(s) you facilitated: Motivation and Intercultural Competences

Without any previous connection with Mov'in Europe, I ended up participating at MECM 2016 in Brussels. Since then, I feel connected with the fantastic community and introduced the project to my section. When I saw the open call, I just felt the need to apply. It was a great honour to contribute to the content of a Mov'in Europe Coordinators Meeting two years after attending one.

The facilitation was fun and the workshops went very smooth. The ME team gave me a lot of freedom to try out new methods, learn and experiment.

All in all, it was a great event with an informal atmosphere, yet very productive. I highly recommend others to grab the chance and facilitate at future MECMs, it will be a fun experience full of learning!


3. Kalle Leopla - LYMEC - Young Leaders Meeting
Budapest, 2nd September

The European Liberal Youth, LYMEC, is a pan-European youth organisation seeking to promote liberal values throughout the EU as the youth organisation of the ALDE Party and its parliamentary group in the European Parliament (ALDE, Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe). The Young Leaders Meeting is an event, taking place four times a year, where their national presidents come for working and sharing experiences, much like ESNs CNR meetings.

Topic(s) of workshop(s) you facilitated: Leadership in youth organisations, leadership competencies, motivation.

Personal opinion: Absolutely an amazing platform to meet some of the brightest minds of our European politic fields. As a person without a politic agenda (except inclusivity and green values), I learned so much about the political field and what kind of values people in the Liberal and Democrat side have. My favourite moment was to see the pax loosening up and going from formal sessions to a full-blown NFE workshop.