Kasia Udała

Team building session for ELSA
13 December 2018, Brussels, ELSA offices


ELSA (European Law Students' Association) is an international organisation run by and for students and recent graduates of legal or law-related studies. In December, 25 new ELSA representatives from all over Europe got together for the ELSA International Team Weekend. During the meeting, I delivered a teambuilding session for the newbies who just started in the team.

The session aimed for the participants to get to know each other, to create team spirit within the group and to establish basic cooperation and communication rules. During the event, we had a few ice-breaking and get-to-know-each-other games, we practiced effective communication, and created a set of guidelines for efficient and enjoyable teamwork.

My favourite part of the workshop was seeing the participants getting gradually more comfortable with one another. It was also great to witness that they made sure everyone was included in the activities and took it as a collective responsibility.

Maggie Kuvaldina, Ivan Kobelev, Lukas Oppermann, Ines Moreira
Training delivered at the National Forum for Young Leaders of International Education
16-17 December 2018, Tyumen, Russia


Right before the Christmas 2018 a bunch of ESNers went to Russia, to the city of Tyumen in Siberia ❄ to help to increase internationalisation at HEIs. The aim was to provide Russian students and uni representatives space and tools to improve in leadership, motivation and project management. Participants were from many different cities all over Russia and had a choice from 2 tracks: an English one held by Lukas and Ines, and a Russian one held by Ivan and Margarita. Special guests at the Forum were Joao Pinto (ESN International) and Evgeny Puchkov (ESN Russia) who were there to provide more specific knowledge about ESN and new section establishment.

Many beautiful moments have been shared with participants, the OC and also between the trainers. We are very grateful for such an opportunity and hope that this initiative is only the beginning of something bigger.