Inês Cunha

Health and Well-Being Conference
29th-30th January 2019, Brussels






The aim of this event was to foster Health and Well Being Iniciatives among ESNers and promote the renewal of the partnership between ESN and Pernord Ricard. I facilitated a 3 hour sessions on “The 5 recommendations of the Erasmus generation for a healthier and happier society” and a second session about "The Power of the Peer-to-Peer Approach". 


I believe that the opportunity to deliver workshops that join ESNers and professionals from Pernord Ricard is very valuable and unique, as everyone gets to share different experiences and perspectives. As a trainer, this was a nice challenge with a familiar topic and the outcome was very inspiring. I advise everyone in the community to look for more challenges like this and start sharing your skills and knowledge with more professionals outside of ESN. Above all, don't stop challenging yourself and explore different audiences!