It is time to organise the next Eduk8 event: the ESN Summer Training 2018!

Are you looking for new challenges, new achievements and to refresh the motivation of your local section? Are you ready to take a step forward? This is the right moment! We are looking for an OC ready to take this challenge with us!


The following article provides a lot of detail for potential Organising Committees to be aware. However, don’t be scared by the length and detail of these documents, as we just want you to have all the information and support necessary when preparing your application!


Also, if you would like to know from previous OCs what to expect when organising an Eduk8 event, check out the interview with the OC of Eduk8 Starter Timisoara at the ESN blog!

Basic Information

The ESN Summer Training is a training event that aims at developing skills of ESN members through non-formal education (NFE).



26th of June 2018 - 1st of July 2018


3rd - 8th of July 2018


**Please note that 9 trainers and 2 Eduk8 team members

will arrive 2 days before and leave one day later than participants**


Duration of the event: 6 days, from Tuesday (arrivals day) to Sunday (departure day)


Number of spots: 48 participants, 9 trainers and 2 Eduk8 team members = total of 58 people


Participation fee: Around 100 EUR, but the lower the better

What the OC should provide

  • Accommodation: 5 nights (Wednesday to Sunday)
  • Food: 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners
  • Coffee breaks: Wednesday to Saturday (twice a day)
  • Opening and Closing sessions: One big room for these sessions, ready to welcome up to 70 people at the same time
  • Training rooms:
    • 3 classrooms for the workshops taking place simultaneously
    • 1 storage/working room for trainers and OC

More important information about the specific requirements can be found here.

Support for the application

Eduk8's future and current Events Managers, Laura Häner and Julia Rausch, are available for support during the pre-application phase to provide vital comments and suggestions for improvement to your application and budget. Please use this opportunity and contact them at the latest one week before the deadline to submit applications by writing to [email protected].


Application & Election

The official deadline to submit an application is: 21st of February 2018

Send a completed application form and budget to [email protected] and the Eduk8 Team ([email protected]).

Please keep in mind: The Eduk8 trainings are a bit different from other ESN events in terms of requirements. Please make sure to read carefully the list of requirements. The OC should also include the cost of the 9 trainers and the 2 Eduk8 team members’ participation fee.


We are very much looking forward to seeing your applications!

In case you would like to receive more information about Eduk8 don't hesitate to contact the Eduk8 Team at [email protected]

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