Facilitating a seasonal training

Last May in the small town of Erazmów in Poland, four members of the Eduk8 community took the great challenge of facilitating a full track in Spring Training. As rewarding and educational as this experience is, taking the step from holding single workshops to handling the full flow of a seasonal training can feel intimidating. We reached out to Kalle and Judit, the two facilitators of Team Management track in ST Erazmów, and asked about their experiences throughout the process.


Why did you want to facilitate in Spring Training?

Judit: I wanted to participate in the next step of the Eduk8 lifecycle because I was sure that it will be abundant when it comes to learning and I knew that I will be working with the coolest people. The support in one's road in non-formal education is unique in the project, so I was sure it would be memorable there too.


Kalle: I facilitated a seasonal training because I wanted to put myself in a totally new and different situation, which offered the greatest test of my trainer skills. Basically, I wanted to see if I'm good enough, and to grow as a person and as a trainer.

How was the overall process for you?

Judit: Paying close attention to participants' and one's own learning at the same time is challenging but very rewarding in the end. Expect countless hours spent planning, replanning, de-planning and being asked about why you took each and every step. Such thorough reflection can sometimes be pressuring but it gives a special chance to spend time with your own and your co-facilitator's thought processes.


Kalle: The process was long and hard, but worth every single minute. Also worth the white nights and the repetitive and intensive

Skype calls. Still, my #1 favourite ESN and #2 favourite of Eduk8 events.


What did you learn?


Judit: I have learned to take a step back and exercise patience to let things unfold, meanwhile being firm when needed. I have also learned that Kalle knows a great Lion King song remix. Such a resourceful person.


Kalle: I learned to trust the process, to trust my co-trainer and the work we've done for the event. I found that intuitive decision making is highly appreciated because it's the only thing that can make a difference in the moment. I also learned to adjust my energies according to the learning outcomes we've set and according to the needs of the pax.


How did the co-facilitation go?


Judit: The co-facilitation was smooth, we solved all the challenges with Kalle that came our way! (Even the impossible ones ;)). It allowed me to further reflect on what is ideal and then, how do you make the most of it even in particular situations when it does not work ideally. This we learn about each and every event and person I believe. Kalle made it super easy to harvest knowledge on this via our discussions.


Kalle: Co-facilitation was natural and easygoing from the very beginning to the adjourning. And meeting each other after the event was business as usual, very professional and adult, which I respect very profoundly! Judit was the best partner one could wish, super talented and insightful trainer <3


Your word of wisdom for future facilitators of seasonal trainings?


Judit: Just do it. Even if it is not a future ESN or career path for you, the competences it helps you gain can be determinative for any position working with groups, with people. Not to mention the divine feeling of supporting the organization grow with your work as a facilitator.


Kalle: A word of advice for the future generations of seasonal trainers, expect the unexpected and trust in your skills and in your co-trainer. You can only learn!

Feeling inspired to follow in their footsteps and advancing in your Eduk8 life? Facilitating in Spring Training 2018 may be just the chance for you! If you have any questions about facilitating a seasonal training, or what the process may require from you, you are always welcome to reach out to the Eduk8 Team!