Triinu is an Eduk8 Facilitator, hailing from Estonia but perhaps better known as a member of ESN Denmark. After starting her training path in Starter Timisoara 2016, and taking the next step Forward in Batumi later the same year, she has since co-facilitated two seasonal trainings and become a prominent part of the community. We wanted to hear her thoughts about what has surely been a great development story, and share it with the rest of the community!

What made you want to join Eduk8 in the first place?

My very first experience with Eduk8 was as a participant of the Autumn Training in Lodz in 2014 and back then I had no idea what I was getting myself into - I just thought it would be a great way to travel somewhere! I'd say that the whole experience was very challenging for me as a shy person - taking control of your own learning and proactively contributing in discussions was just mindblowingly difficult for me because of my low self-esteem. However, everyone was very supportive and eager to listen and I learnt so much about myself and really craved for more. After taking part in another seasonal training it just seemed natural to go and try to deliver something myself. Ever since, I have been trying to take on increasingly more challenging tasks to grow.

You became a Facilitator in less than a year, how did you do it?

I am a very determined person! I tried to grab every chance of developing and also knowing myself, made conscious choices to try and do everything in a sort of natural flow of the Eduk8 circle. The sad part is that the opportunities within the circle are limited and if you miss the train, you will have to wait for another year to pick up where you left off. Knowing I would graduate and have a whole different rhythm of life with a full-time job, I decided to dedicate the year to working my student jobs and education around these opportunities. Not everyone can do that, and I am very lucky!


What has been the biggest learning experience for you during your Eduk8 career?   

There are so many but the biggest learnings for me are mostly always to do with getting to know myself and how far I can push my limits. I am positively surprised every time I manage to get a little further and do something that a year ago I would have considered impossible. A lot of the times these things can seem small and effortless for extrovert people, but for me they are super important and hard to reach.

Can you share with us one of the funniest situations during your Eduk8 career?

I'm thinking of the most recent one from the Spring Training (Erazmów). We played a simulation in which participants had to cross a marsh and there were a couple of rules for it. In case of breaking the rules, me and Fred were thinking what to do with the people doing so, therefore, I had to become the swamp monster to go and take them away. Somehow, once it was my time to shine, I shouted out that I was the cookie monster, not the swamp monster. From there on, I became the cookie monster of the swamp, and Fred had to make considerable efforts to derole me afterwards.



What are your plans for the future with Eduk8 and NFE?

I am interested in further delivering workshops and trainings both inside and outside of ESN and Eduk8. Right now I am a little more limited with my full time job, but once I settle with my life in Estonia, I will be more active in seeking different opportunities again.

Greetings to our community?

Sending big hugs to all people I have met so far on this journey, and looking forward to working with those who I have not had the pleasure to get to know yet! See you around!