Tell us briefly about yourself, what is your ESN (and Eduk8) story?


I did my Eduk8 Starter in August 2013 in Cluj-Napoca Romania. I started with the topic of motivation and like all Eduk8ers, I got a boost of motivation myself. Shortly after, I chaired SEEP, became the main chair of NEC and an ESN Trainer in March 2015. I co-delivered the Starter in 2016 and recently mentored at AT Maribor last November.


What do you do these days?


I am participating in the first Advanced Training for Trainers on How to build context, taking place at the Olde Vechte foundation in the Netherlands. Luismi Real is also here with me. The training is amazing and I am learning revolutionary methods how to approach training design.


What kind of opportunities have you had as an Eduk8 Trainer?

I had access to all external open calls for trainers that are shared with ESN by other Youth organisations.


Can you tell us about the process of training in Starter?


It is quite a challenge, but a rewarding one. You have to manage your energy well and know your strengths to stand your ground. Don’t go too hard on yourself and have your theory ready in your pocket. The external co-trainers can be an amazing support and source of knowledge, but the most you will actually learn from the participants. If you really want to grow as a trainer, this is the challenge for you.


What did training in Starter teach you, what was your takeaway from it?


Accepting the way I like to work and promoting it to the co-trainers. Taking care of myself – only I know what I need. Having fun is key. Seeing resistance as an opportunity for learning.


What kind of external trainings are you / have you been a part of aside of ESN?


I went to a Russian Youth Forum twice and delivered three basic trainings for trainers for JADE and ESAA thanks to contacts I made after applying for external open calls.

I also delivered a training for Tour managers and assisted In a Coaching and Mentoring training.


Can you share one of your most memorable training moments?

Complete freedom. My first basic training for trainers for another organisation I delivered for JADE in November 2016. Because the organisation gave me their complete trust, I could enjoy my entire range of creativity and delivered body work sessions about group dynamics without talking. I had dreamed about it the night before. I woke up, wrote them down and it happened and was magical.


Future in facilitating - Any plans or dreams?


I want to found an organisation that supports young aspiring trainers to get paid assignments. How I imagine it, is that the companies hiring them pay a lower price and contribute to their learning. I also want to deliver trainings in my house in Italy and rent it out for Italian training projects. Lastly, I want to apply for Erasmus+ grants to fund my training courses, because apparently in Austria there is not much going on there.

My dream is to deliver a few training courses a year while working as a personal coach and enjoying life to the fullest.