Eduk8 Community Around (and outside) the Network!


When in ESN, it is not unusual to have your friends, your Team, or even your board spread all around the world. The same is very much true to our Community, and we are very proud of you all out there - spreading the message of Non-Formal Education and contributing to one of the main goals of the Eduk8 project: the creation of a pool of trainers, invested with the skills and knowledge of empowering our network.


We continue to gather information about the great opportunities our community members have taken, and hope they can serve as an inspiration and give you new ideas on what you yourself can do, and how to develop as a trainer.

If you want to share your training experience, you'll be receiving more information during November. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


Who? Giulia Gaino, Linda Bücking

What? AGM Germany

When? 23 April 2017

Where? Berlin, Germany

Workshop(s): What can ESN do for the Reintegration of returning students?

Who? Linda Bücking, Iveta Kormáková (non-Eduk8)

What? AGM Germany

When? 23 April 2017

Where? Berlin, Germany

Workshop(s): Reflection on skills gained on Exchange and their application in the future

Who? Triinu Lauk, Carlota Sola

What? HousErasmus+ Madrid

When? 23-24 January 2017

Where? Madrid, Spain

Workshop(s): Housing Issues

“Great experience to try out facilitating for external stakeholders such as university representatives and housing providers as well as ESNers and adapt to the schedule and the participants' needs and knowledge.” -Triinu

Who? Triinu Lauk, Judit Lantai, Zita Karacson

What? HousErasmus + Budapest

When? 29-30 March 2017

Where? Budapest, Hungary

Workshop(s): Housing Issues

Who? Luis Miguel Real Kotbani

What? Teambuilding for ESN TUMi Munich

When? 6-7 May 2017

Where? Munich, Germany

Workshop(s): Teambuilding event for newbies from a local section, focused on teamwork, motivation, and growth through ESN.

“Unforgettable experience coming back to the heart of the local level of ESN”

Who? Dominique Montagnese

What? ICE Winter Meeting 2017

When? 26 February 2017

Where? Brussels, Belgium

Workshop(s): How to advocate for more inclusion?

Who? Dominique Montagnese, Stefan Jahnke

What? TECHO - ESN Training on Erasmus+ funding opportunities

When? 13-14 May 2017

Where? Brussels, Belgium

Workshop(s): Realise your dream project - Erasmus+ funding opportunities for Youth organisations

“2-days training designed and organised fully (from A to Z) by the two facilitators” -Dominique

Who? João Pinto

What? NBM Klaipeda

When? 26 May 2017

Where? Klaipeda, Lithuania

Workshop(s): #ErasmusUpgrade consultation with NB

“In this workshop I tried to use as many methodologies as possible, really testing myself despite the complexity of the topic.”

Who? João Pinto

What? NBM Klaipeda

When? 28 May 2017

Where? Klaipeda, Lithuania

Workshop(s): MYC National Presidents

“Following the previous experience, here I also tried to use many different methodologies, including, and for the first time, an approach to team-building.”


Who? Linda Bücking

What? BIM Summer School

When? 4 September 2017

Where? Hannover, Germany

Workshop(s): Team-building

“The Summer School was related to Engineering where usually non-formal education methods are not being used. However, in this event, participants were required to solve a competition in groups in just one week, so we thought they might use some teambuilding in the beginning to be able to perform well. It was an amazing experience to combine non-formal education with the field of my studies and to see how it can have an impact there. Also, delivering workshops outside of ESN is a great opportunity to learn how to communicate with event organizers, as they usually don´t know too much about NFE.”

Who? Aurélie André, Lukas Opperman & Marc Vetter (JADE)

What? Train the Trainers (JADE)

When? 6-12 August 2017

Where? Jade House, Brussels

Workshop(s): Non-Formal Education

“Really happy for the challenge that is now opening new perspectives. I am now even more convinced that we can change the world with education! ;)” -Aurelie