Eduk8 Community Around (and outside) the Network!

When in ESN, it is not unusual to have your friends, your Team, or even your board spread all around the world. The same is very much true to our Community, and we are very proud of you all out there - spreading the message of Non-Formal Education and contributing to one of the main goals of the Eduk8 project: the creation of a pool of trainers, invested with the skills and knowledge of empowering our network.


We continue to gather information about the great opportunities our community members have taken, and hope they can serve as an inspiration and give you new ideas on what you yourself can do, and how to develop as a trainer.

If you want to share your training experience, you'll be receiving more information during November. We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Dominique Montagnese, Konstantina Chouta
What: Training on Quality Youth Work
When: 21-22 October 2017
Where: Athens, Greece
Topic(s) of the workshop(s):

  NGO management - Managing your organisation in an efficient way
  Recruitment - How to recruit the right volunteers for your organisation?
  Fundraising - Finding the right funding opportunities for your NGO

"Training outside of ESN, with completely different volunteers and structure, is a clear challenge. I have learned a lot through this experience" - Dominique

It was really interesting to see people from two organisations with completely different structure, ESN and the Animal Welfare of Nikaia, exchanging ideas on how to improve and a real challenge to facilitate their learning process” - Konstantina


Who: Linda Bücking

What: Welcome to Germany (3 workshops for newly arriving students of an international Master´s program)

When: 8th August / 25th November

Where: Leibniz University Hannover

Topic(s) of the workshop(s): Teambuilding/ Integration in Germany/ Intercultural Teams

“It was a great experience to be able to work with an international group over a longer period of time, so that the workshops could build on each other and help these students arrive in Germany as well as in their group.”

Who: Florian Heinrichs, Luis Miguel Real, Linda Bücking

What: National Platform Braunschweig, Germany

When: 7th - 10th December

Where: Braunschweig

Topic(s) of the workshop(s): Project and Time Management, Teambuilding and Recruitment, Conflict Management, Workshop in the Dark, Mental Health in ESN

“We were able to deliver a range of different workshops during the course of the event - alone, in pairs and the three of us. Especially the Workshop in the Dark was a new experience that we very much enjoyed.”


Who: Pepa Stavropoulou

What: ESN TEI Athens Newbie Training

When: 10 Dec 2017

Where: ESN TEI Athens office, Athens

Topic(s) of the workshop(s):  ESN VIM and Brand Guidelines

“It was awesome to have the opportunity to deliver a workshop to the new members of our section and a great chance to get to know them better!”


Mickaël Golinski, Karolina Rutkowska

What: National Boards Meeting (Training Edition) Vienna

When: 9th - 12th November

Where: Vienna

Topic(s) of the workshop(s): Action Plans & Strategies, National Events and National Platforms

Definitely the first edition of the NBM as a training event was a success coming up along with a high challenge to meet participants needs. Highly recommended to whoever wants to step up their game and learn from a really skilled team.”


Mickaël Golinski

What: Survival Kit ESN Lithuania

When: 25-26th November

Where: Vilnius

Topic(s) of the workshop(s): Recruitment and Section Management

A really inspiring, fun, stress-free training event giving a lot of room for trainers to shape their workshops. Having the opportunity to deliver a 4-hours workshop does not occur that often outside of the Eduk8 events. Also being rewarded a diploma for your work as a trainer is a really good form of acknowledgment. Lithuania might be cold at first but its people will make you feel like you are home!”


Who: Luis Miguel Real Kotbani
What: Wild Life (Erasmus+ Youth Exchange)
When: 19-26th October 2017
Where: Ommen, The Netherlands
Topic(s) of the workshop(s): Entrepeneurship and environment

It was a very playful experience, facilitating for a big group of youngsters from more than seven different countries. At some point of the event, the group was divided into intercultural teams and they visited different enterprises around the Netherlands, like eco-farms, zoos, or Tesla Motors, to interview their workers about green practices.”


Luis Miguel Real Kotbani

What: 21st Practicing Coaching & Mentoring training course

When: 7-13th November

Where: Ommen, The Netherlands

Topic(s) of the workshop(s): Coaching methods

This was the first time I was part of the training team for this training. What I love from this training is that there is a lot of experimentation and opportunities to try new things when working with people, in individual coaching sessions or in reflection groups.”


Who: Luis Miguel Real Kotbani

What: 31st Event Wise training

When: 16-22nd November

Where: Ommen, The Netherlands

Topic(s) of the workshop(s): Judgements, Patterns, Self-loyalty, Spontaneity, Confrontation, Freedom, and Fulfillment (the seven daily themes of this personal development training).

For this training, we play with very big groups, and therefore a big team is needed to make the training possible (it's a hell of logistics!). For some of the activities / processes, we have to call external people from all over the Netherlands (who have done the training before) to come for one or two days just to assist during some of this processes. This was my second time being part of the EW team, and I was the Outdoor Manager (one of the most challenges experiences I had as part of a training team, and it brought so many new learnings about possibilities for outdoor trainings).”

Who: Luis Miguel Real Kotbani

What: 25th Choice training

When: 13-17th December

Where: Ommen, The Netherlands

Topic(s) of the workshop(s): Personal development (Integrity and Vitality is what I would say this training is all about).

This was my most wonderful experience in a training as a participant, and even more rewarding to be part of the team a few months after. This training goes very very deep, and there's indeed a lot of crying (participants and team as well). Most people leave the training room declaring that they just had the best five days of their lives. Music has a very special place in this training, and I got the chance to be the music assistant  :P I'm very grateful for having had the opportunity to be part of this! This is a picture of the team preparing for a very very special process (no, we do not dress up like this the rest of the training :P).”

Who: Meriel Smith and Laura Häner

What: ESN Academy Sarajevo

When: 28th of June 2017

Where: Sarajevo

Topic(s) of the workshop(s): Designing Inclusive Events

“Really cool experience with several factors that needed extra attention (funny room, broken arm, very diverse group). Great learning opportunity with awesome co-trainer!! <3”