Eduk8 Community Around (and outside) the Network!


When in ESN, it is not unusual to have your friends, your Team, or even your board spread all around the world. The same is very much true to our Community, and we are very proud of you all out there - spreading the message of Non-Formal Education and contributing to one of the main goals of the Eduk8 project: the creation of a pool of trainers, invested with the skills and knowledge of empowering our network.


This spring, our community has been delivering workshops for ESNers and externals all around Europe. Check out what they have been up to! We hope that an overview of different kinds of events and training opportunities experienced by your peers can serve as an inspiration and give you new ideas on what you yourself can do, and how to develop as a trainer.

If you want to share your training experience, you'll be receiving more information in August. We're looking forward to hearing from you!


Kasia Gerlee and Luismi Real

What? Responsible Party Training

When? 20-22 january 2017

Where? Brussels, Belgium

Workshop(s): Alcohol consumption patterns, binge drinking, basics on prevention programs and implementation of Responsible Party in national and local level

“Delivering at the ESN Office is such a pleasure, cause the conference rooms provide great sunlight during sessions (yeah, we had sunny days in Brussels that weekend!)” - Luismi


Who? Luismi Real, Nives Tomas and Stephan van de Ven

What? Trainer’s Forum 2017

When? 13-15 january 2017

Where? Wroclaw, Poland

Workshop(s): Various topics with different co-trainers from other NGOs, such as Creativity, Public Relations or Conflict Mediation


“Out of the Eduk8 box experiences, we got in touch with trainers and facilitators from many NGOs, training companies or freelancers! Great networking.” - Luismi


Who? Tijana Stojanović

What? National Training Event - Samos 2017, ESN Greece

When? 1-2 April 2017

Where? Samos, Greece

Workshop(s): Workshop topics varied and were delivered by 14 facilitators. The mostly revolved around general transversal skills and ESN related topics, and they were all hour and a half long workshops.

“My role was that of a Training Coordinator and my main responsibility was to design the agenda, support the workshop holders, design the feedback form and write the final report. With the workshop holders we held skype calls to discuss what topics we would have and I also gave them a bit of guidance on how to design their workshops, write TSOs, and do an impactful debriefing. I myself only facilitated the opening and the closing where we talked about the expectations and motivation.

It was an amazing experience to design this training event, and even though I didn't have much chance to facilitate sessions myself, I learned a lot from working behind the scene. It was also great to meet more members of the network from a different country. All in all, absolutely something I would encourage everyone to try at some point :)”



Who? Carlos Guillemot and Luismi Real

What? HousErasmus+ Conference Paris

When? 27-28 april 2017

Where? Paris, France

Workshop(s): Housing and accomodation for exchange students around western Europe countries. Participants were stakeholders from HEIs, NGOs and companies to exchange best practices and incubate ideas for innovative new models of housing.

“We had the best views of Paris during the sessions (our participants even got distracted many times!)”
- Luismi




Who? Linda Bücking

What? Teambuilding Weekend of Local Section

When? 1 april 2017

Where? Zeeren, Germany
Workshop(s): Working and communicating effectively within and in between working groups



Who? Dominique Montagnese

What? ESN Grants Meeting

When? 14 January 2017

Where? Brussels, Belgium
Workshop(s): Erasmus+ KA1 Youth Exchange and Mobility of Youth Workers

“Giving the point of view of the evaluators and supporting the writing process”




Who? João Pinto

What? NP Copenhagen (ESN Denmark)

When? 11 March 2017

Where? Copenhagen, Denmark
Workshop(s): Think Big - Apply For a Grant


Who? João Pinto

What? AGM Germany

When? 23 April 2017

Where? Berlin, Germany
Workshop(s): Can You Hear Me? Consult and Be Heard

“Very hard experience: facilitate a workshop on Sunday morning of the AGM, a day in which the participants were already very tired and in which I had a vote to elect me to the International Board. It was very hard to take the candidate's hat and wear the trainer one for a couple of hours, but it all went well.”


Who? Claudia Petrușe

What? NP III Zürich (ESN Switzerland)

When? 14 May 2017

Where? Zürich, Switzerland
Workshop(s): Public Speaking: Inform, Influence, Inspire

“It was truly a great learning experience for me, travelling to another country where I didn't really know anyone to facilitate a workshop. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming that it really helped me get comfortable until the day of the workshop.” - Claudia


Who? Claudia Petrușe

What? NP3 Rotterdam (ESN The Netherlands)

When? 28 May 2017

Where? Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Workshop(s): Personal Branding as a Volunteer; Public Speaking: Inform, Influence, Inspire

“A great learning experience as well. Had the opportunity to facilitate 2 workshops during this NP.” - Claudia

Who? Julia Peter

What? LP Nord

When? 13 May 2017

Where? Hildesheim, Germany
Workshop(s): Intercultural Awareness

“It was amazing to see the different approaches if the group to solve the task.” - Julia

Who? Julia Peter

What? Section Cooperation by ESN Halle

When? 10 June 2017

Where? Halle, Germany
Workshop(s): Motivation of ESN - YOU! (motivation and team building)

“Great experience as it was my first 3 ½ hours workshop.” - Julia

Who? Triinu Lauk & Maya Doneva (External trainer from Bulgaria)

What? Yo!Fest Maastricht 2017

When? 6-7 February 2017

Where? Maastricht, The Netherlands
Workshop(s): Peace

“Great to try out trainings also outside of ESN and collaborate with external trainers!”
- Triinu

Who? Stefanie Rieger & Lério Cunha

What? Training Days Weimar

When? 19-21 May 2017

Where? Weimar, Germany
Workshop(s): Conflict Management

“It was a great honour to deliver one of the tracks of the first German National Training Event. We had an awesome time during the training - especially because our participants were very motivated and a great group of ESNers!” -Stefanie