ESN Training

This is an international training event organised twice a year, Autumn and Spring,  with thematic tracks, such as Project Management, Motivation or Intercultural Learning. This 4-day training is hosted by an ESN section, and aims at developing ESN members' skills and competences and help the realisation of underlying soft skills through the methods of Non-Formal Education. One training event usually divides to either two or three thematic tracks with approximately 20 participants and 2 Facilitators per track.
Workshop tracks are designed and customised according to the applicants' wishes and expectations and delivered by Eduk8 Facilitators. Before, during and after the training, the facilitators are supported and monitored by external Mentors, who support the facilitator's development as trainers. After having successfully delivered this 4-day training, if a Facilitators receives an endorsement from their Mentor, they join the Eduk8 pool of Trainers.

ESN Academy

This event engages 80 ESNers from the local level and introduces them to a learning cycle made of workshops based on non-formal education methods. A wide range of workshops in a variety of fields and topics, conducted by Eduk8 Facilitators, are held during four days. The participants will be able to choose and customize their own schedule from the available workshops, and therefore create a unique learning experience. The event is a great opportunity to get a taste of what you can learn during ESN trainings.