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You are at the right place reaching out to the Feedback Pool of ESN if ,
  • You would like to request feedback on your local workshop or a training event;
  • You are a National Training Coordinator seeking for guidance;
  • You are a training coordinator at Regional Platforms, NBM or any other event of ESN International looking for support. 


How does it work? 

By sending us the form below attaching a draft of your TSO(s), the members of the Feedback Pool will get back to you by the deadline of your preference.


You can access a blank TSO form developed by ESN Eduk8 here.


Please note that this is a remote/online cooperation and the members are here to provide feedback and not to develop the agenda/session from scratch.


Short history of the Feedback Pool

The Eduk8 Feedback Pool was created in 2017 in order to support ESN Facilitators in developing their sessions by providing feedback on their Training Session Outlines (TSOs). It quickly grew more than that as members started to contribute with their feedback to the workshops held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Regional Platforms (RPs) and other national and international events.

Members of the Pool participate in an online training course. In the past, the training process have been coordinated and run by Eliza Popper and are currently run by teams of two recruited trainers from the ESN Pool of Trainers.

Current Members


Via the form below, you can provide us with all the necessary information we need in order to feedback your TSO! Please be as precise and detailed as possible, so that we can get a full picture of the planned training event. 

Please note that your request should reach us 2-4 weeks in advance (depending on the depth of guidance you are seeking; eg: 4-8 hours workshop: 2 weeks in advance; 8+ hours workshop: 3-4 weeks in advance).

We are looking forward to your requests!


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