Eduk8 Starter 

Starter is a minimum 7-days long training event, where participants learn how to facilitate knowledge exchange through non-formal education methods. Its main goal is teaching the participants how to plan, design, implement and evaluate short educational workshops on the local and national levels of ESN. Participants develop verbal facilitation and public speaking skills, as well as learn how to give and receive feedback and develop their competences in a certain topic. After the training, the participants have also gained practical experience in delivering workshops.

If participants of Eduk8 Starter receive the endorsement from an external trainer, they join the pool of Eduk8ers.

Eduk8 Forward 

This is the next step in the Eduk8 Lifecycle. Participants who attended the Eduk8 Starter and have a proven experience in non-formal educational activities as Eduk8ers  can take part in this minimum 8-days long advanced training event. Its main goal is to develop personal competences and learn how to plan, design, implement and evaluate quality educational workshops on national and international levels of ESN. Participants develop stronger debriefing and verbal facilitation skills. They learn the facilitation and self-coaching techniques, game design and how to deal with ambiguity.

If Eduk8ers who attend the Eduk8 Forward receive the endorsement from an external trainer, they join the pool of Facilitators.