It is our pleasure to launch the open call to find the organisers of the next
ESN Academy!

The ESN Academy is a unique training event in ESN, bringing together around 80 ESNers from across Europe, the most of any Eduk8 event. Workshops will be held over 4 days and participants will build their own learning experience by picking the workshops they want to attend and customising their own agenda!


Linked to the pending application of ESN to receive support from the European Youth Foundation for the Eduk8 events of 2018, during the Academy 2018, we would like to organise study visits to local NGOs. Therefore, the OC will be asked to support us in identifying NGOs working in the field of youth work, maintaining communicating, as well as logistically coordinate the visits. All visits should happen parallel, in smaller groups, during one of the afternoons. Further information will be shared with the selected OC, and the Eduk8 team will closely support the OC in the coordination.




Basic information


The ESN Academy is a training event that aims at developing soft skills of ESN members through non-formal education (NFE).

Timing: 24th - 29th April 2018 or 1st May -  6th May 2018 or 8th - 13th May 2018

**Please note that 10 facilitators, 4 mentors and 4 Eduk8 team members will arrive 2 days before and leave one day later than participants**


Duration of the event: 4 working days, with Tuesday being the arrivals day and Sunday  the departures

Number of spots: 80 participants, 10 facilitators, 4 Eduk8 team members, 5 mentors = total of 99 people

Participation fee: Around 120 EUR, but the lower the better

Grant support: The exact sum of grant support for this event is yet to be determined until we hear back from the Council of Europe. For now, please operate under the assumption that you would have to organise the event without any financial support.


What the OC should provide


  • Accommodation: 5 nights (Tuesday to Sunday)

  • Food: 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 5 dinners

  • Coffee breaks: For all days (twice a day)

  • Opening and Closing sessions: One big room for these sessions, ready to welcome up to 100 people at the same time

  • Training rooms:

    • 5 rooms for the workshops taking place simultaneously

    • 1 storage/working room for facilitators and OC

More important information about the specific requirements can be found here.


Support for the application

The Eduk8 Events Manager, Julia Rausch, is available for support during the pre-application phase to provide vital comments and suggestions for improvement to your application and budget. Please use this opportunity and contact her at the latest three days before the deadline to submit applications by writing to [email protected].


Application & Election

The official deadline to submit an application is: 14th of January 2017


Send a completed application form and budget to [email protected] and the Eduk8 Team ([email protected]).


Please keep in mind: The Eduk8 trainings are a bit different from other ESN events in terms of requirements. Please make sure to read carefully the list of requirements. The OC should also include the cost of the 10 facilitators, 4 Eduk8 team members, 5 mentors’ participation fee.


We are very much looking forward to seeing your applications!


In case you would like to receive more information about Eduk8 don't hesitate to contact the Eduk8 Team at [email protected]